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"My skin tone is terrible and your product sounds amazing! I was also inspired by your story. My daughter has a 6 month old and is going through a divorce. I want to have a "girls night" with her. Your product makes doing that easy."

-Susan McHugh

"Unlike many skin products & facial kits that I have tried, the Self Spa Skin Three Phase Facial yields noticeable, immediate results. Combined with the exfoliating scrub, unique herbal blend & touching cause that sparked its creation, the Facial is a product of incredible quality & love."

-Kiana Anaya

"I did my facial last night and really liked it! My skin seemed more refreshed and hydrated in the morning. The really funny part is that I went to Costco and some random lady was looking at my face and said "you have beautiful skin". Ha! That was so weird... it was all because of your facial! Thanks so much. I will recommend it and buy more!"

-Denise Mathot

"I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed using the Three Phase Facial. The instructions were easy to follow and I love how every product is so natural. I was completely comfortable using them on my highly sensitive skin. _My face looked soothed and refreshed afterward. Thank you!”

-Leah Bruns

"I live in a very cold climate and struggle with dry, flaky patches above my eyebrows. After only one use all the flaking has stopped. I will definitely be using this product again! Thank you!”

-Thia Bain

"I tried your new product and loved everything about it! The packaging is beautiful. My skin is so soft and rejuvenated. I have had a dry spot on my nose that my dermatologist gave me prescription cream that has not worked. After one time of using your natural products it is gone! Best of luck with your great system."

-Janet Stoll