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Great Skin has Special Needs


Self Spa Skin offers the best natural facial kit on the planet. We are also the only company I know of that gives it's product away.

Yes, you read that right. If you want a free facial kit, we will give you one.

How do you get one? There are two ways.

One, invite me to give a presentation to your company or organization and everyone in the room gets a free kit.

Two, order online and cover the shipping cost of $7.00 (no matter where you are in the contintental USA) and we will ship you a free kit.

Now on to the important part, the why. Why do we give our product away?

Self Spa Skin exists for one reason only and that's to put our Special Needs community to work as our exclusive packagers.

As the Owner/Volunteer in Charge, I 100% donate my time to this project. As I see it, every penny taken by me would be one less penny to pay our Special Packagers and/or buy the inventory they need to keep working.

So yes, as great as the product is (check out our Testimonials page) the cause is even better. By accepting a free kit you help put a Special Needs person to work as part of our Special Packaging Team.

All we ask in return is that you:

  • One: go onto your Social Media platform (whatever it may be) and tell the world about us. Post a picture, share something from our Facebook page, whatever you're comfortable doing to help us out and,
  • Two: go onto our website and share what you can. We're set up to accept donations ranging from $1.00 to $1000.00. And please never think that $1.00 is too little to give. One dollar from enough people keeps this project alive and keeps our Special Packagers working and earning their own money.

To read the rest of OUR STORY and learn how my autistic daughter continues to inspire me to this day, please go to our website

Once there, you can also see videos of some of our Special Team and hear them explain how much earning their own money means to them.

It will make your heart warm all day long.

Thank you for whatever you can do.

*Owner/Volunteer in Charge but most importantly Maria's Mom